Monday, February 27, 2012

Drowning Pool...

Drowning Pool
"Turn So Cold"

"Turn So Cold" is the second single by Texas-based band Drowning Pool, from their eponymous album. It is the third song from the album. Fans who preordered the album received "Turn So Cold", as well as the first single from the album, "Feel Like I Do" starting April 13, 2010.
"Turn So Cold" is one of the highest charting singles by Drowning Pool, reaching #8 at the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, and #25 at the Rock Songs chart.

My Thoughts: Really like these guys, This song shows the 'softer' side of the band, Well at-least with the lyrics...Bassist Stevie Benton spoke about the track. Said Benton: "It's really just your typical dude/chick song. It's a theme that guys have been writing songs about for years and years. It's just about a chick that's being a b***h, to put it bluntly. It's about giving and giving and giving to someone just to have them take and take and take, and then turn their back on you."
I hafta say that 'Bodies' is my fav though, What a kick @ss song, To this day when I hear it playing I feel myself banging my head like a true Rocker should, Love it~

Just for fun:
Test your knowledge on the Band..Follow this link for a quick quiz, Good Luck !!!

I scored 50%...Guess I should brush up on my Drowning Pool Info...Post your Score !!!!

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