Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"Body Talk"

The song is primarily written by Ratt's bassist Juan Croucier. Ratt's guitarist Warren DeMartini had the song's opening riffs for years. However, no one was able to develop it into a song. Under a very tight deadline (one day to be exact), Ratt bassist Juan Croucier stepped in. He wrote all the vocal melodies and lyrics, adding additional chord progressions to the one riff that had been around for years. The song title was apparenly conceived of by Ratt producer Beau Hill or vocalist Stephen Pearcy."
It appears as the fifth track of their third full-length album Dancing Undercover and the eleventh track of their compilation album Ratt & Roll 81-91. It was also used as a soundtrack for Eddie Murphy's film The Golden Child. The video was added on MTV, in late '86, while "Dance" was still in heavy rotation. The song was written by Ratt vocalist Stephen Pearcy, bassist Juan Croucier and guitarist Warren DeMartini.

My Thoughts: Ratt-n-Roll Baby, What can I say I was among many female fans who loved these guys & YES, They sounded good too...Was such a tragedy when Robbin Crosby died from a heroin overdose in 2002. Ratt's music was influenced by 1970s hard rock and heavy metal bands..Although they later incorporated more of a blues-rock sound into their music..The band was one of the first glam metal style groups that appeared in the early 1980s in California. Their image bore similarities to that of Rough Cutt, which had several members who were previously in Mickey Ratt the former band that Stephen P. was In. Glad they dropped the "Mickey"~

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