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"Always" is the first single off the album Back into Your System by alternative metal band Saliva. It made it to #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks for one week in February 2003, and has been Saliva's most successful hit.
The music video for "Always" focuses on a young man who appears to be haunted by a woman of his past, sporadically appearing throughout town. The video ends with the man, enraged with emotion, destroying a telephone booth before collapsing to the ground. MTV requested an edit of the lyrics in the final verse. The line "the pistol shaking in my hand, and all I can hear is the sound" was edited to replace the word "pistol" with "anger" in the video version. Also, this song was played on Music Choice Television.
"Always" was the theme song for WWE's Survivor Series Pay-per-view in November 2002.
The song is also featured in the music video game Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock as a downloadable content song.

My Thoughts: 
Saliva got my attention with the song, "Click Click Boom"....Josey Scott is an awesome singer, I love it when he does duets with other artists, Such a talent..You can definitely be assured the the Rocker will not be going away anytime soon~

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