Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jake E Lee...

"Happy 54th Birthday"
Jake E Lee

Jake E. Lee was encouraged by his mother to take classical piano lessons as a child. With a lack of interest in piano, 13 year old Lee found that he enjoyed playing his older sister's guitar. His older sister influenced his desire to play by introducing him to some old Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin records. The first song he learned was "No Time" by The Guess Who. From there, he used what formal training he had from piano, along with a Mel Bay guitar method book and concentrated on becoming a self taught, rock guitarist. Obviously catching on and quickly developing a talent for the guitar, Lee played in several high school bands. And so, teenaged Jake E. Lee was already turning heads and wowing fellow San Diego musicians with his impressive style of playing.

My Thoughts: A legend in his own right, Jake E Lee is one of the greats.
From playing with Ozzy Osbourne in the late 1980's to the forming of his own band 'Badlands" with former singer Ray Gillen from the band Black Sabbath...Jake in my eyes has an amazing talent and will be remembered for his awesome guitar work for many many years to come. Keep on Rocking man~


  1. I LOVE Jake. I saw him with Ozzy a few times. What I remember the most was his solo at the begining of Killer Of Giants. Ozzy would come out and toss him around the stge by his hair. Wonder how he felt about that. LOL.

    1. Wow, That's something I never Knew about Ozzy, Poor Jake, I heard they didn't really get along that well but man Ozzy, Stay away from the hair dude, LOL...Thanks for the comment Troy~