Wednesday, February 29, 2012

White Lion...

White Lion
"Radar Love"

In August 1989, White Lion released their third album, Big Game, a musically eclectic follow-up to Pride that featured the singles "Little Fighter" (which peaked at #52), "Cry for Freedom" (did not chart), and a cover of Golden Earring's "Radar Love" (which peaked at #59). The album quickly went gold, with a peak of #19 on the album charts.
The subject of the song is the Point of view of an automobile driver who drives to his lover ("baby") and communes with her without physical means like telephone or letters. In his radio, he hears "Coming on Strong" by Brenda Lee.

My Thoughts: I think the band did an excellent job on the cover of  a classic rock song, Which Isn't easy to do...Mike Tramp definitely had the sex appeal to pull it off. Very talented band that never really got the attention that In my opinion they deserved back then..White Lion will always have a space in my rock collection~

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