Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mel Galley...

"Happy Birthday Mel Galley",
If he were alive today he would 64 years old...

Mel Galley was an English guitarist and a former member of the Hard rock bands Whitesnake, Trapeze, Finders Keepers and Phenomena. He was born in Cannock, Staffordshire, England. While a member of Whitesnake, he badly injured his arm in an accident at a fairground in Germany and had to leave the band, as he was unable to play guitar because of a nerve damage as result of incompetent surgery. Later he became known for playing with "The Claw", a specially developed spring and wire device fitted to his hand which enabled him to play guitar again. Together with his brother Tom Galley and Wilfried Rimensberger, he was a founding member of Phenomena where his songwriting and guitar playing skills had a major impact on its success.
On February 7, 2008 Galley revealed that he was suffering from esophagus cancer, and had only a short time to live.

"Quoted right before his death"
"I have been very lucky. I have seen some great bands, and played with many great musicians. And I have enjoyed some tremendous experiences. I am thankful that I can say a proper goodbye to all the friends I have made, who are now rallying 'round me". -Mel G.

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