Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doro Pesch...

"Fight For Rock"

Warlock was formed in late 1982 in Düsseldorf. The band spent most of the rest of that year and 1983 performing in different German clubs, building a steady fan base. After recording a demo, Mausoleum Demo, and sending it to several record labels, the band obtained a contract with independent Belgian label Mausoleum.
The first line-up, which consisted of Doro Pesch on vocals, Peter Szigeti and Rudy Graf on guitars, Frank Rittel on bass, and Michael Eurich on drums, recorded the band's first two albums: Burning the Witches in 1984 and Hellbound in 1985. They toured in Europe to promote the releases. In early 1985, the band signed a contract with label Phonogram.
Later that year, in the middle of the tour for Hellbound, Rudy Graf left the band and was replaced by Niko Arvanitis, formerly of Stormwind.
Warlock's third album, True As Steel, released in 1986, got a fair amount of North American radio airplay due to the hit single "Fight For Rock". The band's first music video was made for this song and appeared on MTV. In August that year, Warlock opened for the Monsters of Rock festival at the Maimarktgelände in Mannheim, West Germany, where Scorpions were headlining the all day concert. Def Leppard, Ozzy, MSG and Bon Jovi were also in the roster.

My Thoughts: What a great talent, Doro Pesch was & still is a Rock Goddess who stands the test of time with her strong vocals & good looks, She can rock with the best of them from her era, The German hot Rock Chick with a voice that came directly from the Rock Heavens above !!!
They had many hit songs in the 80's so It's hard for me to pick a fav...But I have to say "All We Are" is on the top of my list~

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