Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ozzy Osbourne...

Ozzy Osbourne
"Life Won't Wait"
Music Video of the day...

'Life Won't Wait' is the ballad from Ozzy Osbourne's newest album, 'Scream' -- there's no doubt about that, nor is there any that this is new territory for the Prince of Darkness, either. The tender songs (i.e. 'Mama I'm Coming Home') have always been a bread and butter deal, but there is something honest and vulnerable about this one, making it one that cannot be missed.

Directed by his son Jack, 'Life Won't Wait' doesn't dance around the song's intentions, with Osbourne floating from scene to scene of people's lives at crossroads and at their end. "Every minute of every day/don't get caught in a memory/'cause life won't wait for you," he laments in the chorus. At 61, the metal legend is looking back on his life and sharing what he knows. -Noisecreep.com

Song Fact... "Life Won't Wait" was played during the end credits for the horror film Saw 3D...

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