Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sixx A.M...

Sixx: A.M....
"This Is Gonna Hurt" 
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Nikki on the Album:
Oddly, the concept of This Is Gonna Hurt’s lead single, “Lies of the Beautiful People” (co-written with Rob Zombie guitarist John 5), which is already a top 5 rock track, came together when looking at another medium that affects thousands upon thousands of people: People’s Most Beautiful People list. Sixx had just left a photo session to get some gas when he walked into a convenience store and saw the issue. It hit him immediately. “I was just ashamed that there’s even such a list out there,” he says. “And I thought to myself, the people I was shooting were so rich and so full of stories and life and it was so not superficial. Even though what I was photographing was their outsides, really what I was trying to capture was their insides. I remember sitting down with the guys, and I talked about that moment, and I said, ‘It’s like the lie sof the beautiful people.’ And a light went on for all of us.” 
 “I don’t care if you’re a supermodel or an amputee or a tattooed rock star or an accountant—justdon’t judge us on the outside,” Sixx continues. “Can you please just judge us by who we are anddon’t make a list that some teenage girl has to look at and go, ‘This is what I have to live up to?’I don’t look the way I look because I do it to shock you or because I’m a rock star; I do it because this is who I am. All I ask is to accept me for who I am, for my failures and for everything that I succeeded at, but inside I’m a good person and I judge people by how good they are, and who I allow in or not allow in my life. That’s what that song for us is.”

“I think this record ended up affecting all of us on a much deeper level than we thought it would,”Michael says. “The album is about being honest with yourself. When you sit down and start really acknowledging who you are and how you behave towards other people and how you judge other people, it’s gonna be painful. This is gonna hurt.”

I'm a Recovering addict. Camera's are my new drug.  -Nikki Sixx

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