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"Monster" is the second single of the 2009 album Awake by the Christian rock band Skillet, and is the second track on the album. The single went on to become the bands breakthrough single charting at #4 on Mainstream rock charts and #101 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Chart. A radio edit version can be found on the Deluxe Version, which does not include the growling part of the song. It's also the fifth single by Skillet to be released to physical media.
The Single has so far peaked at number #11 on the iTunes Rock charts, #1 on Christian Rock radio, #2 on Christian Hard Rock radio, #20 on the Billboard Rock Songs chart, #7 on the Billboard Heatseeker charts, #4 on the US Active Rock charts, and number #4 on the Mainstream rock charts, making it the most successful single in the band's history. It is also the first single to make the Alternative Songs chart, debuting at #40, peaked at #28. On November 10th it was announced that the song had reached the "Elite 8" on MTV's rotation slot. The song was also the tenth most played halloween song of 2010. -Wikipedia.com

This was the second single from American Christian rock band Skillet's eighth studio album, Awake.
Front man John Cooper explained to StereoTruth.net: "It's a song about being fake and putting on a face for people that's not the real you. But it's basically about the nature of sin and the nature of the divine, which is the duel nature we have as Christians. Everyday we have to strive to throw away the old and be that new person in Christ."
Cooper expanded on the song to Christianity Today magazine: "In a theological sense, the song is about original sin. You are born into the human race, you're guilty or sinful, no matter what you hope to be. "Monster" is about the fact that there is somebody we know we don't want to be. Some people call it the old man or the old self. That guy wants to creep out when you're driving and somebody cuts you off. You wonder as a Christian, how do I keep it at bay? I liken it to the idea of a '50s horror film of this beast inside you coming alive."
This song was used as the theme for the 2009 edition WWE pay-per-view "Hell in a Cell." It is also featured in WWE video game Smackdown vs Raw 2010 and was used in the NBC telecast of Wrestlemania 25, highlighting WWE wrestler Randy Orton's quest to become the WWE champion. -Songfacts.com

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