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"Snuff" is a power ballad by American metal band Slipknot, Released as the fifth single from their fourth album All Hope Is Gone on September 28, 2009, the song charted at number two on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, their highest charted single to date, surpassing "Dead Memories". It was not included in the All Hope Is Gone World Tour setlist but the band performed the song live at the October 11, 2009 performance in Kennewick, Washington. 
Roadrunner Records placed "Snuff" at No. 6 for its greatest music videos of all time. The song was also nominated for "Best Single" at "The 2010 Kerrang Awards", but lost to "Liquid Confidence" by You Me at Six.
It is the final single released from the band before the death of their bassist, Paul Gray who died just eight months after its release. During recent Stone Sour shows, Corey Taylor has performed an acoustic version of Snuff as a tribute to Paul Gray.

My Thoughts: First off I have to admit, I really wasn't a big Slipknot fan in the beginning.  Due to their heavier aggressive style, I was a bit turned away...Well I was soooo wrong...When I 1st heard "Snuff"..I was pleasantly surprised..The song really gave me hope that they do have feelings behind all that screaming. I truly felt guilty for not giving them more of a chance earlier. Going beyond the different look and the screaming they proved that although they might not look or act the 'NORM' they still have a heart that can be broken. Even if it may a bit darker softer side, lol... I can relate so well...I should know better than to judge too soon. They have a fan in me now~

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