Monday, April 2, 2012

David Robinson...

"Happy 63rd Birthday"
 David Robinson 

Short Bio:

David was a drummer for the 1970-1980s new wave band "The Cars".
He also drummed for The Modern Lovers
Born April 2, 1949, Woburn, Massachusetts
He has retired from music and owns a restaurant.

The five Cars came together after a few years of trial and error, playing together in different combinations. And it didn’t hurt that unlike their previous outfits, the Cars were a band with five distinct personalities. “Ric was the James Bond type, the tall guy with the sunglasses whop kept in the shadows. Ben was the good looking guy, the rock star of the band. Elliot (guitarist Elliot Easton) was the rock guy—He was the one who knew about all the records, who played what, and what equipment they used. And David (drummer David Robinson) was the arty guy, the one with the sense of style.” Hawkes himself was more the mad scientist, a fitting role for a synthesizer player. “I was the geeky smart aleck with the glasses. That fit my personality pretty well because I was a big comic book guy, and I loved video games. I was always a big fan of the old Atari games and Pac Man.” 

But if one thing got their career underway, it was a cheap studio session in Boston. They recorded a couple of songs, including live favorites “Just What I Needed” and "Your all I'v got tonight" and sent them off to the local radio stations. Radio playlists were a lot looser in 1978; and it happened that one DJ at Boston’s major rock station WBCN liked “Just What I Needed” enough to put it into heavy rotation—even though it wasn’t released yet and nobody could buy it. That large bit of hometown success helped the Cars get signed; and it made them pros by the time they officially hit the studio.

One of my favs...

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