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Doro Pesch - "Unholy Love"
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You make it so easy
When you're making it rough
You won't make no promises
But you can't get enough

I feel like I'm standing
In the headlight beam
You come on like thunder
I know what this means

It's unholy love
Oh can't you see
This unholy love
You know is killing me

The sting of confusion
Then a kiss from your lips
You don't make it painless
And you don't make it quick

I hold on forever
Till I feel the sweet rush start
Then you're holding me closer
While you're breaking my heart

It's unholy love
Baby can't you see
It's unholy love
So good it's killing me

I feel like I'm standing
In the headlight beam
You come on like thunder
I know what this means

It's unholy love

Undoubtedly, DORO Pesch is the most successful woman in Hard..n..Heavy history. For 25 years now the girl from Düsseldorf (Germany) simply delivers. Always classy, courageous and full of passion. “Fear No Evil”, her brand new album, is no exception at all! On October 31st the first single “Celebrate – The Night Of The Warlock” was released, presenting DORO true to her roots with 2 new anthemic smashers that only few have expected from her. The single stayed in the German charts for several weeks, as well as in Spain, where “Celebrate...” peaked at a sensational position 3! With the second single “Herzblut” the Metal Queen showed her soft side once again. The title track appears in 5 different versions, in different languages. This second single was released right in time for DOROs big 25th anniversary concert that took place in her hometown of Düsseldorf, Germany, on December 13th, 2008. This mega event not only proved once again that DORO is the one and only Metal Queen: more than 8500 fans showed up, and in addition the featured guest musicians made this 25th anniversary a very special one. But no rest… big things were about to come… DOROs new studio album “Fear No Evil”! On January 30th, the highly anticipated new record will be released. Starting with the old school smasher “The Night Of The Warlock”, going on with a grooving “Running From The Devil”, following her tradition of great ballads in “Herzblut” and “Walking With The Angels” to deliver the maybe heaviest song of her entire career with the neck breaking “Caught In A Battle” – the variety of sounds and different moods show all DOROs facets and make unmistakly clear why she is the Metal Queen.

When DORO started with her band WARLOCK in 1982 it was not to forsee what followed during the next two and a half decades. Due to DORO..s charismatic appearance, her powerful unique voice and her always friendly, down-to-earth attitude, Warlock was the talk of the scene shortly after and her singer, Doro Pesch, crowned the first real Metal Queen. After the end of Warlock DORO started her solo career and became even more successful! She worked with greats like Gene Simmons (Kiss) and Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), toured extensively with her band and rapidly became the star that we know to this day. Albums like her debut, “True As Steel”, “Calling The Wild” or the previous effort “Warrior Soul” from 2006 became classics. But to play only on the safe side never really matched with the philosophy of DORO. Her albums “Machine II Machine” (1995) and “Love Me In Black” (1998) showed the girl from Düsseldorf stylistically changed, courageously realising her artistic vision. But in the end it was always 100 percent DORO. Her enchanting personality not only made her adored amongst fans, also the mainstream/boulevard press became more and more interested in DORO. Until this day she is frequently a guest in the big German chart shows “Hit Giganten” (hit giants) and “Die Ultimative Chart Show” (ultimate chart show) that are broadcasted on Germany..s biggest TV stations Sat.1 and RTL, as well as in several talk shows, boulevard magazines and event shows. And the legend continues… even after 25 years in the music business DORO is still going strong. There is no need to be afraid, because the Metal Queen says: “Fear No Evil”…

Doro is the leader and spokesperson for Warlock. 

Doro Pesch is an only child. 

Midnight In China is Doro`s favorite Warlock video. 

Doro names Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin as her main influences.

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