Tuesday, February 7, 2012

David Bryan...

Happy 50th Birthday David Bryan !!!

Keyboard Player and Founding Member, Bon Jovi Singer/Songwriter Composer, Lyricist and Programmer.
As the keyboard player, songwriter and founding member of Bon Jovi, David Bryan has seen and learned a lot about music and the music business in the past 20 years. The journey includes selling 100 million albums, traveling the world and playing to millions of people in 50 countries, circling the globe 15 times and living through the rock and roll years, the grunge years, the rap years and everything in between. -http://www.songfacts.com

My thoughts: Ahhh the memories of my twin Sister & I sitting on a blanket in our backyard with the Boom-Box listening to Bon Jovi's 1st cassette tape in the early/mid 80's...Nothing can take away those moments of escape away, That's what I love about that era, No matter how old ya get, You still remember those days that only come back when you hear there music Not on the radio, Now on my Sirius satellite, LOL !!!

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