Tuesday, February 7, 2012


"What ya Gonna Do"

This countrified ballad is the second single from Oklahoma rock band Hinder's third studio album, All American Nightmare. Singer Austin Winkler explained the song's meaning to Hardrock Haven: "It's kind of a struggle instead of facing my problems sometimes I will drown them in a bottle of wine or whiskey. One of these days it is not going to work and I will just have to face them. I think a lot of people can kind of relate." -Songfacts.com

My thoughts: I remember when I 1st heard Hinder's song "Lip's of an angel"..At the time I was single & going through some personal relationship issues & Immediately fell in love with the song. That's when I began to follow the band. Many people I'm sure as myself can relate to the lyrics in their songs~ 

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