Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Peter Wolf...

"Happy 66th Birthday"
Peter Wolf

Best known for his tenure fronting the J. Geils Band, singer Peter Wolf was born and raised in the Bronx, and came from a family active in show business. His father was a dancer, song plugger, disc jockey, and singer of light opera; his mother, an organizer for the civil rights and labor movements, was a teacher for inner-city children in the Bronx. Wolf's earliest passion was painting, and he was accepted on a scholarship to the Museum of Modern Art's Special Studies for Children, and later to the High School of Music and Art, just blocks from the Apollo Theater, where the young Wolf would make weekly visits. In 1983, the group was at the height of its popularity, and had gone 17 years without a personnel change. Finally, the bandmembers went their separate ways and Wolf went on to produce numerous film soundtracks and run art exhibits of his original paintings. In 1984, he released his first solo album, Lights Out, followed in 1987 by Come as You Are, which spurred the hit single of the same name.

Had to post my Favorite Song...

Lucy fact:  My Twin Sister & I made a cheer to this song back when we thought it was 'COOL' to dance in the middle of the living room floor dressed up in our Pj's like weirdo's with the t.v. on full blast, HAHA...!!!!

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